How To Create The Ultimate HIV Dating Profile

After you realize that being HIV-positive is by no means a death sentence and that you can absolutely live a long, rich, happy and fruitful life, the next logical step is to get back into the dating game. While it is logical and most certainly welcome, this is not the easiest step to make for someone living with HIV/AIDS. Despite all the efforts and all the progress that has been made, there is still a considerable stigma upon people with this diagnosis. Unfortunately, this makes dating harder than it is for most people.

Online dating

It’s difficult to get back on the horse even without the virus, but with the diagnosis, it’s much worse because you have to think about ways and perfect timing to come out as positive to your potential date or partner. The good news is, there is a great, easy way to bypass this challenge, and it’s HIV online dating. There is a number of terrific online dating sites specialized exclusively in people who have HIV/AIDS. It’s a safe environment where you can be yourself without any fear of shunning or discrimination. If you are not on one of those websites, we suggest you do it now. You can thank us later.

Still, remember that dating is still dating, regardless of your HIV status. It comes with its own set of difficulties. Reaching out and meeting someone special can be tougher than just clicking a few links and pictures. What you need to do is to pimp your online dating profile, to increase your chances of succeeding in this sometimes tough, but always fun game.

Choose Your Main Picture Wisely

HIV onlne profileChoosing the right profile pic can be a difficult task. Your picture is the first thing a person sees about you and it decides whether the first impression about you is going to be good or bad. Obviously, you want to make a terrific first impression, so let’s see how you can make the most from your profile picture.

We suggest you don’t use one of your old pictures, unless, of course, you have a total banger of a photo. Also, don’t make it a selfie – have someone snap a shot of you with a decent camera, in good lighting, preferably daylight. Wear something nice, but casual. Don’t overdress. If you are a woman, don’t wear too much makeup. Remember, you want to look natural. Make sure your clothes and hair are clean.

Smile. That’s the most important thing. There is something really attractive about a big, bright smile and people are instantly drawn to it. Another important thing – make sure your profile pic doesn’t look like a fake one. Don’t use a professional picture, because it will look like stock photo, and people will be suspicious.

Upload Multiple Pictures

It’s always a good idea to have a lot of pictures available for the others to browse. Your profile pic is the first thing they see, and if they like what they see, they will want to see more and find out more about you. You don’t have to upload five dozen pictures, between five and ten will probably do. Some websites only allow a certain number of pictures. Find out how many, and use the opportunity to showcase yourself.

Be Detailed

Most websites have questionnaires that you can fill with your personal information. Make use of it and provide as much detail as you feel comfortable with. Of course, we are talking background, interests, hobbies, favorite music, movies, restaurants, your hopes and aspirations, anything that will help those looking at your profile get a picture of who you are. We are definitely not talking about personal information like phone number, address, job and salary information and other sensitive information.

Be Honest

It’s true what they say – honesty is truly the best policy. And here’s why. Say you start talking to someone online. They ask questions, but your answers are not particularly truthful. You really click with that person and one day you even start dating. All the fallacies you said back when you were chatting online start coming out and you are exposed. This pretty much ruins everything. But when you are HIV-positive, it’s more than that. You have a personal and moral responsibility to be honest to someone who may potentially become your lover. Not to mention that in some states you are required by law to tell your sexual partner if you are positive.

When you are open and honest, the other person will be honest and open as well, and that’s always the best way to start a relationship.

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HIV Dating Service

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HIV Flirt

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